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Project Kick-Off

After months of Zoom meetings in which we prepared the project application and then, again, online celebrating after receiving the acceptance notification, we finally had our “real life” kick-off meeting in Münster on the 15th-16th November 2021.

Us working, discussing and having fun during the kick-off meeting

Of course, we had to discuss the project management, the responsibilities for the different work packages, the plans for our school visits (see other blog post for further information on our school visits), publication ideas etc. Apart from that, we all very much enjoyed our special guest Nao, whom Isa had brought with her from Grenoble. Nao showed us, what he can do and we loved to have him around. I guess, we are all pretty much looking forward to our experiment in 2023, when we take Nao with us to the schools.

Our project companion Nao introduced himself to the project team as well