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Help Inspector Carter

The three best friends, Theo, Alex and Lola were out eating ice cream when they heard about a very puzzling case at their local police station. With a love for adventures and solving mysteries they quickly ran to the station to find their local detective. Inspector Carter, a wise and experienced detective, was trying to figure out how to spot criminals just by looking at their faces.

Curiosity sparked in the children’s hearts, and they decided to offer their help to Inspector Carter. The detective welcomed them with a warm smile, appreciating their eagerness to assist. In a small room filled with pictures of people, Inspector Carter explained the challenge.

“Children,” said Inspector Carter, “I have here six pictures of different individuals. Three of them have committed crimes, while the other three are honest and trustworthy citizens. Our task is to identify the distinguishing features that can help us differentiate between the criminals and the honest individuals. Features are different pars and characteristics that make up someone, like the shape of ones face, the eye color, or hair style. Features help us recognize and distinguish one person or thing from another. We need to identify features that all the honest people have.”

Theo, Alex, and Lola looked at each other with excitement. They were ready to take on the challenge. They attentively studied the pictures and noticed various accessories and characteristics such as smiling mouth, sad mouths, sunglasses, eye colour and hats.

Together, they started discussing their observations. Theo pointed at a person wearing sunglasses in one of the pictures and said, “Maybe criminals wear sunglasses to hide their eyes and expressions and a hat to cover their face.”

Alex chimed in, saying, “But look at this person with a rectangular hat and their smile. They seem friendly and honest. I don’t think the hat makes them a criminal.”

Theo aggreed, “That is true. Look at the other honest person. They also have a hat, but a different shape, you can see their eyes and they smile. They look very happy.

Lola added, “Look at this person with the sad mouth. They are a criminal and probably not very happy that they got caught.”

The children continued their deliberation, considering each person’s facial features, expressions, and accessories. Inspector Carter listened carefully, impressed by their thoughtful analysis.

After much discussion, the children reached a consensus. They believed that honesty was reflected in visible eyes and a smiling mouth. If both of the features were visible on a person that means the person is honest. So if one feature is missing, that must mean they are a criminal.

Pleased with their conclusion, Inspector Carter smiled and revealed a new picture. It was a person with a bright smile and funny shaped eyeglasses.

“Now, my young detective,” said Inspector Carter turning to you, “based on the features we identified as honest, tell me if you think this person is a criminal or an honest citizen.”