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School Visit No. 3

Well-prepared and equipped with three conversational agents and one PC for traditional search, we left for the American School of Grenoble.

Nine children between the age of 11 to 13 attended our experiment. The children tried to answer as many questions as possible in a certain time interval with one conversational assistant at each station. After the conversational agent stations, three cheerful stations with a memory game, a colour-by-instruction assignment and interactive storytelling followed. A VR station completed the cycle of stations. After all four creative stations, the children had to complete a knowledge retention quiz based on the conversational agent station before. Winky occupied the children, who had finished all the stations and waited for the others.

The data collected that day will be evaluated, offering a foundation for the following school visits.

On Wednesday, we visited GEM Labs and had an interactive tour led by Isabella. After our visit there, we took the afternoon to hike up to Le Fort de la Bastille, Grottes de Mandrin and a war memorial.