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Creating a Story

Part of our AI-bility project is storytelling. We want to create different stories for young children that cover various artificial intelligence topics.

Creating a new story usually starts with deciding on a specific AI concept and a spontaneous idea for a storyline. I conduct proficient research about the selected AI concept, before outlining the first draft.

I first write down the overall storyline and then create a table where I distribute the different scenes into cells for a better structure.

Outline of two scenes in the robot dog story

Afterwards, I create the future scenes in the cells. I add snippets of pictures from the internet to visualize the children and their actions, as well as the scenery. I also add speech bubbles and narration texts.

Lastly, I add explanatory text under the scenes in the cells to explain in detail what happens in the scene. This approach helps to detail the scene I have in mind onto paper, giving another reference point for drawing the stories.

Explanatory text of scenes in the robot dog story

With Alessia’s great drawing skills, the final product gets created and we all get to read a new story.

Last scene in the robot dog story