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Let’s draw some pictures!

Lola: “I want to draw an astronaut who is collecting sea shells on the beach, but I am not really skilled. Can anyone of you draw this for me?”

Theo: “I am also not skilled, but I know someone who is. Let’s ask Eddie to draw this picture for you.”

Lola: “Woooow, that is amazing, but the astronaut also looks a little bit odd, haha. Thank you Eddie. Also, who is Eddie?”

Alex: “Eddie is an artificial intelligence program that converts your written words into a picture. This picture does not exist anywhere else in the world. It was also only designed for you.”

Lola: “Super cool. I want Eddie to draw more things. How about….”

Theo: “What a majestetic dog, and it has huge wings, cool! Ok, now it is my turn. Can you find out which phrase I used for Eddie to generate this picture?”