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Robot teacher

Lola and Alex were sitting at home when they heard a special knock at their door. They knew it was their secret knock code with Theo. After opening the door, Theo came in running with a box in his hands. “Look what my grandfather gifted me. A teacher for at home!”

Alex was confused. “A teacher? In that tiny box? I don’t think a person fits in there.” – “You are right Alex, for a human the box is a bit too small. It’s a robot. A robot to teach us new things and study with. Let us open the box and see what is inside.”

The three children opened the box and out came a small robot. It looked very friendly, had big virtual eyes that were displayed on a display in the middle of its head, and two parts on either side that looked like little arms. “Oh it is so cute! It looks like a little pet. I really want to learn something from it, it looks so friendly.” shouted Lola.

That was their que to start their learning experience. Their little robot friend explored with them the world of wild animals. The robot was telling them fun facts about all the different animals and they were able to see videos of the animals on its screen. With the friendly and calm voice of their robot teacher, the three kids were patiently listening to its explanation.

The children were amazed at how much fun it was to learn with their robot teacher.

With the built in camera and the tires at the bottom of the robot body, the robot was able to scan its surrounding and navigate through the home to stay by the side of the learning children. Lola, Alex and Theo were running and laughing as they were running with the robot through the living room, trying to outrun the cheetah being displayed on the screen of the little robot.

“What a fun and new way to learn. All the parts of our robot teacher have helpful functions like the display. It shows its eyes, which is super cute, but it also shows us videos to help with visual learning. Its wheels not only look good but also provide the robot with the ability to follow us around the room and have interactive learning sessions. Our robot looks so friendly and patient, it really motivates me to keep going and explore new topics!” said Lola and ran up to Alex and Theo who were already starting to explore a new topic.