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Participants depicted as robots

Experiment prep

The team arrived in Grenoble, to prepare the first WP3 experiment tomorrow! This includes testing the Conversational Agents, testing and fine-tuning the whole process, and check that the time will work. Actually, we are all quite excited 🤗 <Update> … aaaand it really worked out… Read More »Experiment prep

Schoolchildren’s Attitude toward and Interaction with Conversational Agents

Writing a thesis can be quite tedious and tiring – but writing a bachelor thesis within the AI-Bility project was not like that at all. The practical foundation of my bachelor thesis was the qualitative data collected in interviews with 45 German schoolchildren. The theoretical… Read More »Schoolchildren’s Attitude toward and Interaction with Conversational Agents

School Visits

First data collection for our exploratory field study The main focus of our second work package was to do focus group interviews with schoolchildren in order to get deeper insights in how kids interact with conversational agents. We are very happy that we found two… Read More »School Visits

Text to Speech - Dummy


There we are. Having 6h of kids talking in German, not always linear, having to consider the GDPR. We thought about running a local system, transcribing the voice of eight kids and the moderator. There are several options that we tried to use, specifically the… Read More »Speech-to-Text

Our Market Exploration

What kinds of conversational agents are on the market? Which of them are especially designed for children and how are they called? Prior to this project we already began to look for products which were available on the European markets. We did so only sporadically,… Read More »Our Market Exploration

Project Kick-Off

After months of Zoom meetings in which we prepared the project application and then, again, online celebrating after receiving the acceptance notification, we finally had our “real life” kick-off meeting in MĂĽnster on the 15th-16th November 2021. Of course, we had to discuss the project… Read More »Project Kick-Off